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Giving at The Village Church:
Your Generosity, Our Mission


Cultivating Community Through Giving

At The Village Church, we believe in the transformative power of generosity. Your contributions play a crucial role in sustaining our mission: We are people caring for people in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Every gift, big or small, makes a meaningful difference in our community and beyond.

A Variety of Ways to Give

1. Non-Traditional Offering: Checks and Cash

  • Our Approach: Instead of "passing the plate," we invite you to use the offering plates placed in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. You can also stop by the church office or mail a check.

  • Benefits: A discrete and respectful way to give according to your comfort.

2. Kiosk on Mainstreet

  • How: Visit our kiosk for donations using your phone or card.

  • Benefits: A modern, convenient method for those who prefer electronic giving.

3. Bank, Stock, and Money Market Account Transfers

  • How: Direct transfers from your account. You can also have stocks transferred to The Village Church.

  • Benefits: Efficient for large contributions, with potential tax benefits.

4. Engage/CDM Platform

  • How: Visit Engage/CDM Platform.

  • Benefits: For those already set up through Engage/CDM, continue giving in a familiar and convenient way.


Legacy Giving: Creating a Lasting Impact

Leaving a legacy by including The Village Church in your will is a profound way to ensure your generosity continues to bless others for generations. It's a crucial support for the long-term vision and sustainability of our church.


The Joy of Giving

In line with the Biblical teaching that "God loves a cheerful giver," we encourage giving as an act of worship and commitment. Your support is vital for our ministries, outreach programs, and community services.


Start Your Giving Journey

For assistance with giving or including The Village Church in your estate plans, our office is here to help. We can guide you on legacy giving, Engage/CDM donations, and other methods of contributing.


Your Giving, Our Gratitude

Your donation is more than just a contribution; it's a partnership in our mission. With your support, The Village Church can continue to spread God's love and make a lasting difference. We are deeply grateful for your generosity and consideration in including us in your giving plans. We are people caring for people in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

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