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Worship at The Village Church

At The Village Church, you'll find a welcoming space where you can worship in the way that feels right to you. Whether you sing out loud or reflect quietly, you are welcome here. Dress comfortably – we focus on your presence, not your attire. We celebrate Holy Communion the 1st Sunday of each month and have an open table. You do not have to be a member of our Church or any to be welcomed here.

Modern Worship
9 am

Join us for a vibrant start to your Sunday with our Modern Worship Experience at 9 am. Immerse yourself in contemporary praise as our talented praise and worship band leads the way. A perfect blend of modern melodies and uplifting spirituality, this service is designed to energize and inspire. The Children's moment in this service always leaves us full of hope.


Traditional Worship
11 am

Experience the solemnity and grandeur of our Traditional Worship Service at 11 am. This service features a rich tapestry of classical sacred music, including hymns and instrumental pieces performed by pianists, organists, and string quartets. Each Sunday brings a unique musical theme:

  • First Sunday: Choir-led hymns and anthems

  • Second Sunday: Gaither-style Southern Gospel

  • Third Sunday: Ladies Choir performances

  • Fourth Sunday: Diverse music from around the world

5th Sunday Combined Worship
10 am

On months with a fifth Sunday, we gather at 10 am for a special blended service, merging the best of modern and traditional worship. This unique experience is followed by a community meal with activities and games – a perfect opportunity to fellowship and make lasting connections.


Worship is a lifestyle.

We are people caring for people in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Special Services Throughout the Year

We also host special services for occasions like Ash Wednesday, Lent, Christmas Eve, and more. These moments allow us to deepen our faith together in reflection and celebration.

An Interdenominational Community

As an interdenominational church, we embrace traditions from various denominations. Our liturgical approach follows the lectionary readings, covering the entire Bible every three years. Even in our contemporary services, we honor the rich traditions passed down through ages, incorporating elements like the Affirmation of Faith and responsive readings. Join us at The Village Church, where tradition meets modernity, and every soul finds a place to call home.

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