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Alan Liphart

Senior Pastor

At The Village Church, we're blessed with the dynamic leadership of Senior Pastor Alan J. Liphart. More than a pastor, Alan is a beacon of love and service in our community. His approach to pastoring transcends traditional roles, making him a cherished figure both inside and outside our church walls.

A Pastor With a Unique Touch: Alan's days are filled with a diverse range of activities that go beyond typical pastoral duties. He is known for:

  • Community Engagement: Alan is a familiar face at local events, always ready to lend an ear or a helping hand. His commitment to community welfare is evident in his active participation in local initiatives and his efforts to bring people together.

  • Innovative Outreach: He spearheads innovative programs that reach out to different groups, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued.

  • Personal Touch: Alan believes in the power of personal connection. Whether it's visiting the sick, counseling those in need, or simply sharing a meal with a church member, his genuine care for individuals is a hallmark of his ministry.

  • Dynamic Sermons: His messages are not just inspiring; they are life-changing. Alan has a unique way of making the scriptures relevant to modern life, engaging people of all ages.

A Heart for Everyone: Alan's philosophy is simple: love and serve all. This ethos is reflected in how he interacts with every person he meets. He's not just our pastor; he's a mentor, a friend, and an inspiration.

At The Village Church, under Alan's leadership, we're more than a congregation; we're a family. Join us to experience the warmth, guidance, and unconditional love that Pastor Alan J. Liphart extends to everyone he meets.

Alan Liphart
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